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Safety and security are priorities in this prime residential community. It is a continuous imperative of its developer (Sta. Lucia Realty) that the facilities and amenities in this neighborhood are maintained to their prime condition because it seeks only for the best interest of its homeowners. The developer even established property management, maintenance and services and security and investigation companies to address the needs of the homeowners.

To assure and respond to the residents’ safety, a tight security protocol is implemented. This is being to be executed 24/7.

Aside from security which is a standard for exclusive subdivisions, the clubhouse and its swimming pool are one most sought-after facility. Acropolis Greens Subdivision definitely has them both. The clubhouse has a multi-purpose hall that is large enough to hold 200 guests, a perfect venue for your celebrations and special occasions. It also has a spacious parking area that is ample to accommodate visiting residents and guests. The swimming pool can also accommodate party guests. Its water is very much inviting that you can’t resist taking a dip!

Meanwhile, a basketball court is also an amenity of Acropolis Greens. This court is situated within Poseidon Park, which is still a part of the Acropolis Greens community.

Open to everyone, the Acropolis Children’s Park is a place where you can relax while your children are at play. The park has a playground which the children can enjoy and the open spaces are just perfect for picnics.

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Acropolis Greens is an exclusive and upscale subdivision that offers some of the most costly and extravagant properties in Quezon City. Its location makes it one of the most expensive communities in the Libis, Bagumbayan area. It is surrounded by affluent neighborhoods, commercial and business districts, basic conveniences, major highways and avenues, jeepney terminals and MRT lines. Its facilities and amenities may not be of world-class, but they are for sure to look forward to.

All of these offer the comfort, luxury and prestige of living in Acropolis Greens Subdivision.

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